Cloud Computing Market Worth $411 Billion by 2020 ↦

Anthony Spadafora writing for ITProPortal

“80 per cent of IT managers are concerned about the performance and scalability of networking fabric in a cloud environment while 70 per cent of IT security professionals say it is more difficult to protect sensitive data in cloud computing environments as opposed to conventional security. Cloud migration is also viewed as a barrier to the cloud by 33 per cent of those surveyed.”

I've been defending, for a good number of years, that trusting your data to reliable cloud storage professionals is the right approach, even when talking about sensitive data such as human resources, finance and strategic data. Unless the focus of your business is on data storage, your IT department is not wishing, or most likely well trained, to deal with such a burden. However, this is cloud storage companies' bread and butter. Trusting them with your data is a win-win situation.

It is also a mindset shift.

It's interesting to note that in today's digital world, there's still such a high number – 70% of IT managers surveyed – who don't trust storing their data in the cloud.

Cloud vs. On-Premises: Understanding the Security Differences

On a related note (and recommendation), David Bisson writes for TripWire:

“Australian web security expert Troy Hunt recommends that organizations begin by not thinking about cloud security in a binary mode. He recommends adopting a conceptualization that involves “differently secure” aspects of the cloud as opposed to elements that are “secure” or not. The same goes for securing the cloud versus securing physical hardware and data centres. “On the one hand, you may hand over physical control, but on the other hand, you're almost certainly doing so to an organization better-equipped to manage computing environments than your own,” Hunt observes.


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